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Toya Story

TOYA is the name of the official mascot of the
Korea Ceramic Foundation.
TOYA has a hemispherical head that is open to everything in the world. It can embrace and let out everything and anything, and it has a warm heart filled with love.
The name, TOYA, was conceived from the Chinese character for earth ‘地,’ the very origin of all life and a basic element of ceramics. ‘地’ is the combination of two ideographs: ‘土’ pronounced To in Korean and ‘也’ pronounced Ya.
Together, they create the adorable name: TOYA.
01. How was TOYA born?
  • TOYAHaving existed from time immemorial, clay is the very origin of all living creatures. It embraces the past and present and connects to the future.
    As ceramics originates from clay, which contains the essence of nature, the primary criteria in creation of the official KOCEF mascot was how well it expresses the capacity of earth, which can embrace anything and everything, and the future-oriented characteristics of earth.

    Against this backdrop, TOYA with a warm heart and hemispherical head open to everything was born.
02. TOYA is Our Friend
  • TOYATOYA is our sweet, warm-hearted friend.
    TOYA is always with us, caring about us. Our friend TOYA is now about to embark on a new journey on the Time Machine.
    A long journey from the very clay that created human beings to the new millennium with state-of-the-art technology! TOYA’s journey continues endlessly beyond time and space.

    Let’s join TOYA hand-in-hand in this exciting journey filled with hopes, dreams, and boundless imagination.
03. The Head of TOYA Opens to the World.
  • TOYAHemispherical head of TOYA symbolizes ‘Openness’
    It is like a door open to everything in the world. Through this door, any thing can be entered and sent out.
    It is full when filled with dreams and the future of mankind, and when talking about those dreams, it can put forth endlessly. It is just like magic.
    If you are curious about what is inside the hemispherical head of TOYA, come and open it right away. You will find everything we have imagined bearing fruit in abundance.
04. TOYA Is Warm-Hearted
  • TOYACeramics has been made and used anywhere and everywhere in the world, from unexplored parts of Africa to gorgeous palaces in Europe.
    People used to store food or brew wine in ceramics. They also stored grains or precious objects in it.
    But the first thing they put into the ceramics was their hearts.

    Love for others was contained first, and then food, wine, and other various things. The warm love of people and the world is what is contained in TOYA.


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